Support & Resistance — They Should be an area, not just a line.

Enter the muddled market and lose money for no reason? Stop being the puppet of the market!

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Instead of operating trades, we are sometimes manipulated by the trade itself…

We will be confused about how should we position ourselves in the market.

There are two things we need to prevent

  • Entering the market without any comprehensive plan
  • Chasing after the market when the price surges up

But of course, sometimes, no position is also a good position.

The misunderstanding of most people have about the support and resistance

“Support and resistance levels are complicated.”“Support and pressure are only used by technical analysis experts.”“Enter the market immediately when the price returns to the support or resistance level?”“The more support and resistance I found, the more trading opportunity”

A “NO!” should be replied to all of the above.


We can imagine the support as a…

You should know how the world is changing with the ever-evolving technology

AI, Aerospace Technologies, 5G Networks, Edge Computing, Extended Reality & Human Argumentation

Image Credits: Possessed Photography & SpaceX & Frederik Lipfert & israel palacio& XR Expo & Elevate

Technology Is Ever-evolving

New technologies are emerging with groundbreaking innovations to solve world issues, making our lives easier in the coming years.

From biometric systems that could predict the risk of viral transmission to drone that deliver essentials to your door. These transformations are affecting our lives. So here’s the list of the technologies you should watch out for!

Aerospace Technologies

The aerospace sector has countless innovations that continue to increase over the coming years. Some aerospace industries are looking forward to building zero-fuel aircraft. New aerospace technologies including advanced space propulsion systems, advanced material sciences, and smart automation.

The new invention of the electric plasma jet engine

It was invented by a group…

Let’s kick in, to look for a magic parameter for EMA!

It’s like going to the coffee shop, asking for the best choice of coffee.

Self-shot: The Moving Averages

When we are just getting in touch with trading

We tried our best searching everything about the relevant knowledge through the internet. Ideally think that the sooner to learn everything, the better. Therefore, we can step into the trading world ASAP, and start making a good amount of money. Besides the Candlesticks Fundamentals, the first type of technical analysis that we may learn is usually the Moving Average.

Compared to the other segment of knowledge like Fundamental Analysis, Price Actions, or Chart Patterns, the so-called “golden cross” or “death cross” among two MA lines is rather a gift for the novices, explained in much simpler logic and operation procedures…

Are you a beginner in the trading market? Fear not! We start from the basics.

The Formations From The Opens, The Closes & The Shadows. Strong or Weak?

Self-Shot: Self-Designed

When we come across the technical analysis in stock, forex, or crypto, we first see the candles and the sticks. They are the fundamental of a trade, reflecting market emotions — The Humanity.

It comes first, before any strategy and ahead of any indicator.


Candlestick is a type of presentation in a financial chart used to describe the price movements in stock, security and derivative, or currency. In typical view, each candlestick shows one-day price movements. However, our viewpoint switchable among units of time (second, minute, hour, day, week, and month), and thus, the composition of a candlestick changes respectively.

What is the MACD indicator? Let’s talk about the essentials.

The easy calculation and the simple logic. Yet misunderstood.

Self-Shot: The MACD Indicator


The Moving Average Convergence Divergence, a.k.a MACD.
The three main terms:

  • The Moving Average
  • The Convergence Condition
  • The Divergence Condition

In layman’s terms, it implies the conditions of the convergence and divergence of Two Moving Average Lines, the relationship of each other, and last but not least the distance between them, that fall under each specific condition(convergence & divergence). In short, the so-called BIAS.

We calculate the MACD based on subtraction of the 26-period exponential moving average(EMA) over the 12-period EMA.

The Moving Average Lines?

  • Simple Moving Average

Known as the simplest form of moving average. Calculated based on arithmetic…

Geohash is a geocoding system that commonly used in nearby search queries. In this article, we can go through some sample implementations of geo search in both GeoFirestore and MongoDB. Finally, some proof of concept for the socket-mongo real-time subscription in our own way!

Let’s do a bit of reverse engineering upon the working mechanism of Geohash, so that it makes sense for you.

Image Credit: Luka Reedy


Geohash is a geocoding system, a system that uses geocode to represent a geographic entity on the Earth. Geocodes are distinguishable from each other, in an individually finite set of geographic entities, better still, human-readable, and short.

So in layman’s terms, a geohash defines an area on the map, instead of a point. The area is said to be more specific if it has a high precision in the geocode characters count.

Interesting? You can always reach these links for geohash historical information as well as the string’s encoder and decoder here.

Higher Precision GeoHash?

Say we divide the World Map into 2…

There stated some standardization from code wise regarding the CRUD calls to Mongo from Node. Here’s the simple showcase of schema and its CRUD operations, followed by the suggested standardization approach as well as the final implementation. If you are new to node and mongo, grab as much as you could from it!

Your code, your standard

Image Credit: Kelly Sikkema


Node.js is gaining popularity due to its efficiency, scalability, and community support besides the nature of being light-weight and open-source. Its cross-platform runtime environment would be a good fit for multi-platform apps developments.

Furthermore, the utilization of a non-blocking I/O model help boost reliable deliverables in streaming services and real-time applications. Some tech giants like Netflix, LinkedIn, Trello, and PayPal are having a good bet on its reliability too!


MongoDB, a document database where data stored as a collection of documents instead of tables with specific schema related by foreign keys. …

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