AWS Lambda Versioning?

[Version: Alias] — The safer way to deploy your AWS Lambda Function

— Simple Walkthrough

But… Why Do We Need Lambda Versioning?

To begin the story, let’s set an introductory remark of what we had been told, the so-called “AWS Lambda versioning”.

Lambda Function: Change / Save / Publish / Version +1

It makes sense for math too : version1, version2, version3, ……version n!

Another Scenario :

Lambda Function: No Change / Save / No Publish

No publish event occurs…

You’re smart.

We have now updated the Lambda FunctionA twice:

“Hold on! But do you know what is an Alias for Lambda?”

Let’s say ...

We have now created three aliases, pointing to different versions of Lambda FunctionA:

Relations between versions & aliases

Let’s say …

We have now created 3 different endpoints in a resource of an API Gateway, serving dev, test and production use case respectively:


We will be doing these actions:

We point all three endpoints to subscribe to their individual alias;

AWS API Gateway integrates Lambda FunctionA

Reminder: PROD → Version 1

Another HeadsUp!

“Story Time : Safe Deploy ….”

Edit From Lambda FunctionA‘s Alias:

Flow for Deployment..

Everything is GOOD to go !!


“AWS Lambda Versioning : Version & Alias”

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